Can Lids

Maximize and protect your brand 

Smart Top labels are designed to maximize branding and messaging. They can be customized with a variety of effects and embossing patterns.

Smart Top labels provide protection against dust and germs and are fully recyclable.

How it works

A stand-alone machine or add-on unit applies an aluminium label to the top of the can, providing a marketing vehicle that doubles as sanitary protection. 

Product Benefits

Increase sales with your existing can designs. Smart Top labels are an eye-catching tool for promotions, special events, re-launches and more:

  • Foil adapts perfectly to the can's shape and advanced embossing minimizes pore formation.
  • Additional branding space.
  • Protects against dust and germs.
  • Twist to open with re-sealable closure.
  • Completely recyclable.

Product Highlights 

  • Designs reproduced in up to 11colors.
  • Various embossing patterns.
  • Thermosensitive inks.
  • Watermark or luminous effects.
  • Printing on reverse face for competitions etc.
  • Print a variety of designs with each campaign.

Operational Advantages

The label is appiled using the well-established labeling technology of Krones:

  • High labeling precision.
  • Space saving operations.
  • Apply up to 60,000 labels per hour.
  • The 0.013 mm foil specification has a proven track record.

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