Cut & Stack

Product Highlights

  • Customizable embossing patterns.
  • Variety of ink effects including metallic or luminous inks and inks that change color with the temperatura.
  • Interactive technologies.
  • Peel-off and scratch-off applications.
  • Reverse side printing provides more space for branding and promotions.

Product Benefits

White or metalized paper can be customized with embossing and high gloss silver and gold inks, as well as a variety of special effects to make your product shine.

  • Graphics reproduced in up to 11 colors.
  • Single or double faced printing.
  • Guillotined formats and die-cuts avaliable.
  • White or metalized paper substrate.
  • Choice of pre-cut or punched labels.
  • Cost effective.

Operational Advantages

  • High labeling speed.
  • Low curl.
  • Excellent ink adhesión.
  • Maximized bundle size.


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