It’s all in the Details, Label adjustment improves presentation to consumer

Improved Design & Function

Some product changes, while unnoticeable to the average consumer, provide significant improvements to the product’s design and function. This recently took place with a popular pilsner with Dominican heritage. Presidente Imported Beer is a popular beer with distribution in the United States, areas of Europe and extensively throughout the Caribbean and Central America. Like many brands, it continues to strive towards delivering the best experience for its customers.

Multiple Enhancements

MCC recently helped AB InBev to transition this iconic brand from a standard cut and stack paper label to premium pressure sensitive labels. This transition will enhance the packaging in multiple ways. First, the beer will still maintain its recognizable logo and reinforced branding, but its graphics will be more vibrant and dynamic. Secondly, the new label is more durable, will better withstand agitation during transportation and will maintain its pristine image throughout its life cycle, even when completely emerged in a cooler of ice water. Additionally, the label will perform better during application providing significant operational efficiencies. It has been demonstrated over and over that pressure sensitive labels perform better during high-speed production and provide for better brand presentation to the consumer.

Expert Knowledge

Multi-Color has experts knowledgeable about all aspects of package decorations. Our teams constantly learn about customer challenges in product presentation, differentiation, durability, sustainability and other areas that our solutions can solve. This example demonstrates how MCC works with customers to create multiple enhancements through innovative label solutions and is one of the primary reasons Anheuser-Busch chose MCC for this important transition.

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