Neck Foil

Product Benefits

Aluminum labels are an elegant way to distinguish premium brands and to ensure their security. These labels effortlessly adapt to any boleneck shape and can be customized with embossing and de-embossing, as well as with luminous and thermo-sensitive inks.

Product Highlights

  • Designs are reproduced in up to 11 colors
  • Variety of ink effects including matte, gloss, color change and glow
  • Various embossing and de-embossing patterns, including partially smoothed embossing
  • Printing available on front and back
  • Adapts to any bottle shape and can be guillotined or die-cut
  • Tear-off or full surface perforation
  • Choice of pre-cut or punched labels
  • Provides tamper evidence and hygenic protection

Configuration Options

  • Label that covers the closure
  • Label that stops flush with the top edge of the closure
  • Label that reaches just below the closure
  • Can be used in conjunction with pressure sensitive labels (Krones approved)

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