Pressure Sensitive Labels

Product Highlights

  • Variety of special ink effects, including sensitivity to heat, holographic and glow in the dark.
  • Double layer options that feature a peelable and resealable top.
  • Tactility and metallization affects available.
  • Lacs and inks laser codable.

Product Benefits

  • Pressure Sensitive labels offer a high-efficiency glue-free labeling option. They are available in transparent, White or metallized film and in a variety of paper substrates.
  • Suitable for PET, glass and aluminum containers such as cans.
  • High speed label application, gives greater efficency.
  • Excellent print quality in up to 11 colors.
  • The flexibility and shape of the material easily adapts to complex forms of labels.
  • Unidirectional and returnable material options.
  • Glue free environment.

Operational Advantages

  • Without preparation or cleaning of glue.
  • Greater efficiency in the machine's operating time.
  • Mínimum change parts.

Special Features

  • recycLABEL® is a Pressure Sensitive label that comes off the bottle cleanly, making it fully compatible with the PET recycling process. Now, you can achieve a premium impact on the shelf without sacrificing environmental awarness or cost, since recycLABEL® is competitively priced with traditional pressure sensitive labels.
  • ThermoWash® labels easily peel off bottles in the process of wash consistently with traditional paper labels. This allows a new label to take advantage of the benefits of sensitive pressure in each bottle trip. 

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