Shrink Sleeve

Maximized Branding

Shrink Sleeves easily shrink to cover your entire container, providing a 360° branding opportunity. Amplify your message with our customizable special effects.

Additional benefits include high label efficiency, tamper evidence, protection agains light and reduced risk of breakage.

Product Benefits

Shrink Sleeve labels use heat to shrink printed film to the contours of any container shape. This allows for 360° graphics, regardless of your container's shape.

They protect agains light and reduce the risk of breakage.

  • High labeling efficiency: suitable for glass, plastic and aluminum.
  • Brilliant printing in up to 11 colors.
  • Tamper evidence protection.
  • Longitudal perforation.
  • Seamless appearance.

Operational Advantages 

  • Sleeves made with PET, PVC or OPS films.
  • Sleeves Will fit perfectly, as they shrink to fit even the most complex container shapes.
  • No adhesive necessary.
  • Suitable for pasteurization.
  • Shrinkable films in a thickness between 40 and 75 (u) have a proven track record.

Product Highlights

  • Variety of special effects including UV lacquers and holographic inks.
  • Clear "no label" or "magic window" options.
  • Thermo-active adhesives.

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