• Hite Extra Cold

    HiteJinro, Koreas No. 1 alcoholic drink company have and Multi-Color have had a successful partnership for decades. A partnership driven by offering innovative and premium label solutions, this vibrant project was no different, with 72 different designs of body labels, all randomly mixed.
  • Cheers! Prost! TChin-TChin!

    For the past few years Heineken in France has embarked upon a vibrant summer campaign featuring mixed design, pressure sensitive labels. Consumers appreciate the collectible and variable element of the designs and the promotion has received a fantastic market response.
  • Limited edition customization goes collectable

    It has recently been announced, due to Heineken’s sponsorship role that after 35 years, the Grand Prix will return to Zandvoort in the Netherlands. Heineken has embraced this news and has brought the excitement to the Netherlands by customizing their bottles with limited edition, Formula 1 labels.