• Recycle

    More plastic is being recycled than ever before, according to the latest figures from the new ‘Post-consumer Plastic Waste Management in European Countries’ report (Source: PlasticsEurope) For the first time, more plastic waste has been recycled than landfilled.
  • Instagrammably Yours

    Brands are putting more and more effort into making their products aesthetically pleasing. In this digital society, where everything is shared on social media, the product not only needs to stand out on shelf, but it needs to be ‘Instagrammable’
  • Smart Packaging and the Internet of Things

    MCC’s partner in developing Interactive Labels, Talkin’ Things share their knowledge and insights on Smart Packaging and illustrate how not only the brand owner, but the entire supply chain can benefit.
  • The Rise of Active And Intelligent Packaging

    Today's consumers live in a rapidly digitalising world that is seamlessly integrating into everyday life. The consumer desire for convenience, as well as immersive consumption experiences, has driven rapid technological change across the FMCG, retail, and food service landscapes.
  • Reuse

    Beverage manufacturers from around the globe are rapidly converting to the graphic and performance benefits of pressure sensitive labels. However, traditional constructions are not compatible with returnable bottle systems.
  • Reduce

    When it comes to packaging, less is more. MCC’s Global R&D team developed a range of technologies that allow our customers to reduce their overall material usage.