• Your benefits of a Resin label

    Our Resin label is unique on the market. Besides the product, we are also providing you with our world-class service. A local label production using global resources, that’s our winning approach.
  • Esprit: Own Your Flavor

    Distell recently entered into a partnership with MCC to re-launch Esprit in South Africa with a conversion from paper to pressure sensitive labels.
  • Instagrammably Yours

    Brands are putting more and more effort into making their products aesthetically pleasing. In this digital society, where everything is shared on social media, the product not only needs to stand out on shelf, but it needs to be ‘Instagrammable’
  • Desperados Redesign

    With its iconic logo, heavy bottle and tactile effects the Desperados packaging has been a great driver of the brand equity.  However, the old design didn’t capture the true festivity of the brand and with external factors, such as increased competition, it was time for a change.
  • Mumm Art Edition

    This year, Mumm launched their fifth Art Edition visualised by renowned German photographer Kristian Schuller. The sparkling wine brand opted to use photographs for the basis of the label design on this limited edition.
  • #SparkleOn

    Bernini, the ready-to-drink sweet grape frizzante is inspired by the Italian attitude to life. They live life “frizzante” or “with sparkle”.
  • Resin as an embellishment

    MCC produced a resin label for the 1850 coffee packaging; applying a pressure-sensitive label onto flexible packaging was a first in the U.S.
  • Stand out with wood

    Anheuser-Busch InBev approached Multi-Color Corporation with a challenge to develop a super-premium yet natural looking package. The answer was real birch wood.
  • Apply Special Inks and Varnish

    Packaging Digest' recently claimed that ‘If aesthetically pleasing packages can influence the consumer to pick up and touch the product, they are 80% more likely to place it in their cart than return it to the store shelf.’