Your benefits of a Resin label

Our Resin label is unique on the market. Besides the product, we are also providing you with our world-class service. A local label production using global resources, that’s our winning approach.

Graphics team

Providing a local service with global resources is your major advantage. Our dedicated team on the Resin site will help you with all your graphic design needs. This team is available for creating and proposing solutions, as well as supporting agencies in their developments. We will make sure your label design is the best solution. To give better understanding to the technical feasibility, we can make a mockup withing 10 working days.

In house experience

The production process happens in an optimal environment. We have the best printing technologies available and the most accurate computerized plotter cut. We are able to print offset and high-resolution digitally, for customized labels. The silk-screen printing is enriched of new and modern machineries for making hot foil and embossing finishing. We are global leader on the high precision of the outcome of the Resin.

Small, medium and high volumes

Unique on the market is that we are able to put the Resin labels on a reel, which gives the opportunity to produce high volumes on a high-speed machine (25.000pcs/hour). 100% quality control Our labels go through a

100% quality control check.

Every single Resin label passes to this final stage. This way, you don’t have to worry about the appearance of your labels. This reduces quality complaints on the final label to zero.

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